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IP Video Management

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2019 & 2020

Milestone Platinum Channel Partner 

Milestone Systems is the leading global developer of open platform software for managing IP network-based video surveillance. Milestone XProtect™ software is powerful and advanced yet easy to use, reliable and proven.  The open platform allows best-of-breed solutions to ‘video enable’ business: reducing costs, optimizing processes, protecting people and assets – and ultimately increasing value in your organization’s products and services.

In offerings scaled to different customer needs, XProtect solutions support the widest choice in network hardware like ACTi, Arecont, Axis, Bosch, D-Link, FLIR, Infinova, IQinVision, JVC, Lumenera, Mobotix, Panasonic, Pelco, Pixord, Sony, Samsung, Sanyo, Toshiba, VCS, Verint, Vivotek.

In addition, Application Program Interfaces (APIs) enable value-adding integration with other systems data like Point Of Sale, Automatic Teller Machines, Access Control, Gates, Lighting, HVAC, Fire Alarms, Analytics, biometrics, etc.

Milestone solutions are in more than 60,000 customer installations worldwide, from all industry sectors: retail, hospitality, finance, manufacturing, distribution, education, healthcare, utilities, property management, transportation, government, and the military.

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exacqVision’s open architecture VMS software ensures interoperability with IP cameras, servers and storage systems from manufacturers such as IBM, HP and Dell. Open architecture software allows customers the ability to select the highest quality components from a wide variety of manufacturers. We support all of the leading IP video cameras from Axis Communications, Arecont Vision, IQinvision, GE, Panasonic, Sony, ACTi, CBC Ganz, Vivotek, and more. Open architecture VMS software also provides flexibility of choosing the storage system that best fits the requirements by using the operating systems file system to map the system drives for video storage. Customers may select internal disk storage, RAID, NAS, DAS or SAN.

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Endura Network Video Management System L
Pelco Endura

Endura Is Enterprise-Class Performance

With the Endura Network Video Management system, unparalleled image quality and system intelligence is now a reality. A complete solution for high-definition video encoding, recording, and display, Endura is designed as an end-to-end system for the demands of professional IP video security.

Scalable to accept an unlimited number of HD and megapixel cameras, the Endura system is an intelligent, yet easy-to-use approach to video security that provides greater control, enhanced operational flexibility, improved management, and expanded recording, archiving, and integration capabilities compared to anything else available.

Moreover, because of its sophisticated, yet-easy-to-use architecture, Endura easily overcomes the traditional challenges of bit rate, network management, storage costs and display requirements. Our next-generation system is more than the natural progression of traditional technology; it is a revolutionary way of thinking about video security.

OnSSI Logo - Intelligent Tagline.png

Ocularis, OnSSI’s video-centric Physical Security Information Management (PSIM) Platform is more than just a management software solution. Ocularis is the platform for comprehensive IP video management.

Coupled with Ocularis’ state of the art user interface and user experience, Ocularis ES, Ocularis DS, and Ocularis SMB enterprise users can monitor and manage events from multiple vendors’ security products under a single umbrella.

BriefCam - Logo.png

Briefcam Video Synopsis: To make Total Video Review part of the daily security routine

There is an acute need for technologies that can assist operators in browsing massive quantities of video footage, and leverage their experience, intelligence and instincts to review, identify, investigate and take action if necessary.

BriefCam’s mission is to allow effective access to recorded surveillance video and enable the end user to find and display any event in only a few minutes.

BriefCam achieves its goal through Video Synopsis, a proprietary image-processing technology that creates a summary of the original full length video. The synopsis is made possible by simultaneously presenting multiple objects and activities that have occurred at different times.

BriefCam’s vision is Total Video Review: going over all footage at the beginning and/or end of each shift. We aim to make Total Video Review into a standard procedure that is an integral part of the daily security routine.

Verint - Logo.jpg

Verint is a top 30 US enterprise software company that helps organizations make sense of the vast information they collect as part of their daily operations. Our actionable intelligence solutions are designed to integrate and analyze huge volumes of data ― images captured by thousands of cameras, trends buried in millions of calls, threats hidden in billions of interactions. By identifying critical intelligence that might not otherwise be found, they help industry and government take more effective action to achieve performance and security goals.

Verint solutions are engineered for cost-effective deployment in global operations and complex environments. Built on open, standards-based architectures, these solutions add value to the systems in which government and industry have already invested and help them realize the benefits of expanding information networks and emerging information technologies.

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Salient Systems

Salient Systems Corporation is an acknowledged and trusted manufacturer of Video Surveillance Management software.  Since 2000, our core marketing channel has been security dealers and integrators where our products have stood the test of time, helping to secure some of the most prominent and vital locations in the United States.  Our core vertical markets have been, and continue to be, education, healthcare, retail, banking and financial and commercial real estate.

Co-founded by Per Hanssen in 1995 in Austin, Texas, Salient was established as a leading developer of high end graphics co-processor boards used in the diagnostic medical imaging industry. Building on our initial success, Salient’s next generation of graphic products utilized multiple processors and were designed based on open architecture technology.  Salient’s original product was a multi-megapixel video capture board capable of capturing 30 frames per second:  years ahead of the rest of the industry.

The advanced video capture technology developed by Salient came to the attention of the video surveillance and security industry. In 2000, the company began focusing all of its development efforts on designing IT-friendly video surveillance software and hardware platforms for this growing market. Leading the way with an IT mindset, Salient has combined years of video technology expertise with a deep understanding of the physical security world to develop the most comprehensive and reliable solution available today.

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American Dynamics

Seneca is a leading US manufacturer of xVault security and surveillance solutions. The xVault product line combines our IP expertise and solution partnerships with certified network video recorders, viewing stations, and storage solutions. Designed to deliver a turnkey solution, xVault platforms have been custom configured for leading video management software to ensure maximum performance and compatibility. Our dedicated engineers are available to work closely with security integrators on system sizing, design and deployment.

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