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Pelco by Schneider Electric Vector Logo.

The Right Solution for Any Application

Pelco produces the security industry’s broadest and most respected offering of IP and analog video security systems. From megapixel and integrated positioning systems to video management and software-only solutions, Pelco is committed to providing our customers with innovative, superior-quality products that are competitively priced and nearly always available off the shelf.

Panasonic Logo.png

Panasonic’s vision of the digital future is driven by the needs and aspirations of our business customers and millions of consumers around the world who use our products every day. We share their dream to live a fuller life by providing ways of working smarter and enjoying the rewards of technological advances.

DeView Logo.png

The difference begins with our core strengths, which are in both digital and analog imaging technologies. Our in-house capabilities include design, engineering and manufacturing of IP technologies essential to closed circuit television systems. We believe our history and success in analog technologies provides us the necessary perspective to deliver well designed and executed IP products to the marketplace. It is this combination of long-term experience and in-house intellectual capital that sets deView electronics apart.

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Reliable, cost-effective video surveillance

The TruVision™ Line brings the benefits of integrated, digital security monitoring to small commercial applications. Easy to install and operate, TruVision cameras, recorders and monitors and interfaces keep you covered. For complete security on a moderate budget, the TruVision Line is the perfect fit

Ganz Logo - 300x167.png

The GANZ brand offers complete end-to-end security solutions.

Ganz products encompass a comprehensive line of intelligent analog, and IP video surveillance solutions from compact security cameras to monitors, DVRs and associated accessories.

With our reputation as a manufacturer of quality products, you can expect our GANZ brand of CCTV products to maintain the exacting standards with which the Computar brand has been synonymous.

NICE Logo.png

NICE Systems (NASDAQ: NICE), is the worldwide leader of intent-based solutions that capture and analyze interactions and transactions, realize intent, and extract and leverage insights to deliver impact in real time.

Driven by cross-channel and multi-sensor analytics, NICE solutions enable organizations to improve business performance, increase operational efficiency, prevent financial crime, ensure compliance, and enhance safety and security.

NICE serves over 25,000 organizations in the enterprise and security sectors, representing a variety of sizes and industries in more than 150 countries, and including over 80 of the Fortune 100 companies.NICE’s offerings for the enterprise and security sectors serve three main needs: improving business performance, decreasing financial risk, and enhancing safety and security. NICE solutions capture interactions, transactions and video surveillance from multiple sources, including telephones, CCTV video feed, emergency services radio communications, emails, chat, social media, and more. They provide valuable insight about the business or security situation by applying real-time, cross-channel analytics to realize the intent of customers, criminals and terrorists, or fraudsters, to enable proactive response for real-time impact.

American Dynamics Logo.png

American Dynamics products are the world’s most widely adopted line of video-based security and integration solutions. Most of the top Fortune 500 companies choose our products to protect their assets, information and people.

American Dynamics CCTV and video technologies have earned a reputation for innovation, reliability and manufacturing excellence around the globe. With pioneering breakthroughs in security technology, the American Dynamics brand has always been at the forefront of the industry with the most popular and easy to use digital video management system in the industry: Intellex.

In addition to this powerful DVMS the American Dynamics portfolio also includes the VideoEdge IP NVR, SpeedDome Ultra, Discover Mini Domes, MegaPower Matrix switchers and the entry level TVR, along with keyboards, multiplexers, monitors, and video accessories — in fact everything required for a complete, state of the art video surveillance system.
With a powerful integration platform, American Dynamics solutions work seamlessly with Software House and Kantech access control products, as well as other important business applications, to provide customers with greater ease of operation and faster access to the information they need in critical situations. American Dynamics continues to invest in R&D to evolve its product range and services to meet the diverse and growing needs of its customers.

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