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About us

About us

Integrated Security Defined

The design and construction of Integrated Security systems requires a working knowledge of many subsystems of security and a specific knowledge of the subsystems comprising them. These discrete components of life-safety / security systems need to blended into one operating system to permit integrated operation. Most facilities have a combination of old and new sensors and alarms displayed in various manners on equipment purchased over the years of operation. To meet budgetary restrictions and competitive practices, the ability to understand the existing and future add-on systems is required.

Security Design Services

The combined experience of our personnel reveals both academic credentials and experience in engineering disciplines, operational systems, planning and design, physical construction, and installation. Through this experience we offer complete and concise consultation ranging from additional sensor locations at a single site to commercial surveillance networks encompassing different sites in various cities.

Network / Regionalization Design

Our experience will attest to the design, engineering, and installation of effective communication systems utilizing many transmission media. Our recent installations have included broadband modulation, fiber optic interlinks, microwave transmission, common carrier designs, and LAN  networks to meet today’s digital video bandwidth needs.

Console Design & Customization

Viscom’s experience allows for the incorporation of ergonomics into console design. Modifications to existing security consoles or our own control centers will assure accommodation of operational requirements.

Video, Alarm, Card Access & Integration

The main body of system design involves the selection of CCTV, Alarm points, and card access locations. Security system capacity, code compliance, Interface requirements, and Switcher selection and design contribute to the challenge of  designing and engineering an effective new system or retrofitting an aging one.

Procurement & Turnkey Installation

Utilizing a completely computerized management system, VISCOM will assure a coordinated and fully documented installation, with a minimum of site impact. As a turnkey integration contractor, VISCOM brings all of the ancillary particulars to any security project. This approach allows the customer to develop a project with cost-effectiveness.

Service, Maintenance & Training

Initial training followed by periodic and specific operational training is offered on every system implemented by VISCOM. Complete operator training coupled with computerized inventory and maintenance databases permits VISCOM to guarantee greater system availability.