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Iris ID

Since 1997, Iris ID has been the key developer and driver of the commercialization of iris recognition technology. Iris ID Access, now in a third generation, is the world’s leading deployed iris recognition platform. Found on 6 continents, in thousands of locations, authenticating the identities of millions and millions of persons, more people in more places authenticate with Iris ID Access than with all other iris recognition products combined. Some of the programs we have helped make possible are highlighted on this site. Have needs of your own? Talk to us. See how our expertise and Iris ID Advanced Identity Authentication can help add security, convenience, privacy, and productivity to the enterprise operation you wish to improve.

L1 Identity Solutions

L1 Identity Solutions  Vsmart Fingerprint Identification

With the trust and confidence in individual identities provided by L-1 Identity Solutions, our customers can better guard the public against global terrorism, crime and identity theft fostered by fraudulent identity.
Leveraging the industry’s most advanced multi-modal biometric platform for finger, face, palm and iris recognition, our solutions provide a circle of trust around all aspects of an identity and the credentials assigned to it. This includes proofing, enrollment, issuance and usage.L-1 also provides convenient and secure fingerprinting service centers across the U.S. and Canada for processing civilian enrollment and credentialing for government-licensed jobs. The government consulting division completes the L-1 services portfolio, offering a diverse set of services that encompass the most important areas of security and intelligence in the U.S. today.